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Veteran Memorial Service


The Background

PRJKT VET was founded to serve as a safe place for Veterans to find resources and to assist with their transition out of the military.  PRJKT VET is here to help get servicemen and women into spaces that typically overlook them and provide guidance on how to set themselves up after their military careers have ended. PRJKT VET recognizes the importance of mental well-being within the community and that’s why we decided to offer resources through our gaming initiatives to connect Veterans and provide a safe and welcoming place for Veterans through esports and engagement.

Our focus is on building a community with resources and tools that help veterans in their endeavors. If we can't personally help you, let us connect you with someone who can.

If you help veterans, be a part of our community and we will help funnel new clients in for you! Our mission is to help vets and without vendors, we wouldn't be fully committed to making that happen.


Who we've helped

I was sitting stagnant at 10% disability for almost 7 years. I reached out to PRJKT VET to get more information and to see what my options were at that time. They guided me step by step throughout the process from the applications to the physical. PRJKT VET was able to help me get my disability up to 70%! 

Frank Bebla

It was a long, exhausting road dealing with getting my grandfather more disability with the VA. I highly recommend reaching out to PV, even if you are just curious. You wont be sorry! Thank you again PV! Keep up the great work!

Lisa Wester

I utilized the services that we offer and that's how I know they work. Our partners at Vets Assisting Vets got me through the process of increasing my VA Disability rating. They got me to 100% within months.

Rod Lee


Who We Are


Jermaine Cohen


Jermaine served 4 years in the US Army as a Radio Comsec and Communications Technician. He was in the 4th Infantry Division during the initial invasion into Iraq in 2003. Jermaine lived abroad for several years once he left the service before returning home to work in the aviation Industry. He currently works as a business development lead and co-founded PRJKT VET to help Veterans.


Rodney Lee


Rod served in the US Air Force for 12 years in both maintenance and operational units around the world. Rod gained many experiences and relationships because of this and wants to engage with individuals who have similar passion and purpose. Rod currently works in cybersecurity and co-founded PRJKT VET to continue serving Veterans.


If you have questions about any of our services, looking to help our cause or just a general inquiries...please reach out!

401 S. Palestine St. #105 Athens, TX 75751

972-215-6512 or 682-220-6600

Thanks for submitting!

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