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Jan-Pro’s VetConnection Program Offers Veterans Business Opportunities in a Growing Industry

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

In December 2021, after graduating college and spending six years in the Air Force, Anthony Gentile took over the family business, becoming the owner of Jan-Pro Franchise Development of Huntsville, Alabama.

Jan-Pro is a commercial cleaning company with over 4,500 franchises. As the owner of Jan-Pro Franchise Development of Huntsville, Gentile helps Jan-Pro franchise owners develop their businesses.

A major aspect of Jan-Pro that attracted Gentile is their VetConnection program, which “puts veterans in business ownership roles designed specifically around veterans’ needs. This program puts veterans in business ownership roles where they can apply their leadership skills and other disciplines in a growing industry.”

As the commercial cleaning and disinfecting industry has grown during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jan-Pro’s VetConnection program has provided significant business opportunities for veterans.

Gentile has said that Jan-Pro founder Jacques Lapointe has set an example by showing that veterans can find success in the cleaning industry, regardless of prior experience.

“He really understood that veterans have a lot to offer in business,” Gentile told MilitaryTimes. “In my experience as a pilot, a lot of businesses would say, ‘You don’t have an MBA, so you may not be as valuable to us because we have to teach you some things,’ but Jan-Pro realized there are a lot of qualities that military members have that makes them valuable business owners, like work ethic and integrity.”

Gentile follows that perspective to help other veterans develop careers with Jan-Pro, serving as a mentor and offering a veteran’s perspective.

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