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New VA Rule Expands Care and Support for Live Donors

On July 1, 2022, the Department of Veterans Affairs implemented a new rule in an effort to increase the number of live donors and thus transplants they can provide to those who proudly served our country.

Support for live donors includes a number of areas of support without cost to the donor. It includes the following:

  • Screening, tests, and studies necessary to qualify as a donor.

  • Medical care and services necessary for the donation process.

  • Medical care and services post-donation procedure.

  • Travel and lodging expenses necessary for the donor and one attendant or support person during the process.

The newly adopted rule also clarifies the informed consent rights of live donors, such as the right to revoke their consent to the donation at any time.

“We know the availability of live organs and bone marrow does not meet the need for transplants nationwide. That’s why it’s important we find live donors to facilitate transplantation within a reasonably short time compared to the wait time of an organ from a deceased donor,” said VA National Director of Clinical Services Manimegalai Murugavel D.N.P.

The VA has offered organ transplant services since 1962 and bone marrow transplants since 1982. Annually, the VA receives an average of over 3,500 referrals for transplants and conducts over 480 organ and bone marrow transplant procedures.

“The more live donors we have, the more the gift of life is given to the Veterans we serve,” said Murugavel.

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