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  • Rodney Lee

PRJKT VET is officially a 501c3 nonprofit!!!

PRJKT VET started out with a different name and a different mission. Originally, J&K Enterprise started out trying to get startup investment opportunities to underrepresented communities. Through our conversations and deeper discovery, we found so many veterans like ourselves who had questions about transitioning and next steps. Seeing that Jermaine and I went through a similar situation when leaving the military, we began assisting these vets on top of our other efforts. We looked at the 200,000-plus veterans that transition every year and saw that this was more of a pressing issue than the others. We became a Texas not-for-profit entity and started working with other organizations to get these vets help.

The V-E-T stands for Ventures, Economics and Technology and that’s what we’ve assisted our community with. Helping in their next ventures after the military, making sure they are economically equipped to face challenges and introducing them to the technologies that can assist them or that they can invest in. We’ve done a lot of good in assisting vets with their VA disability, getting them other medical services, connecting them to different financial sponsors, updating their resumes to civilian jargon and introducing them to LinkedIn to expand their professional networks. While we do the initial interviews and identify gaps they need to fill, the real work starts once they’re connected to our partners and affiliates. We help walk them through and stay connected as long as they need us. The success stories we’ve seen to this point have been great, but we still have a lot of work to do. Please reach out and learn how you can support the PRJKT VET mission.

Special thanks to all of our partners (ADD A ZERO Funding, GC Globalnet, TNS Digital Names, AwardPool, Chip-in, Cohen Veterans Network, Texas Legends, Public Democracy, PBM Group, Combined Arms/Texas Veterans Network) and others who have contributed to our efforts!

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