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  • Rodney Lee


It's that time of the year again! As we approach Veterans Day and Armistice Day, we begin to celebrate the heroes who have put on the uniforms of those who defend the freedoms of their respective nations. To celebrate them PRJKT VET begins its second year of the Military Mission with the Texas Legends (Dallas Mavericks' NBA G-League affiliate). We kick off with the Legends' home season opener against the Birmingham Squadron in Frisco, TX at the Comerica Center.

We will be celebrating our one-year anniversary with many of our partners and colleagues, as well as this year's sponsor Award Pool, who helped PRJKT VET develop and launch the Veterans Bowl Gaming Initiative for Mental Health.

Not only will we be giving out FREE TICKETS for military members, veterans and their families, but we'll also have a special treat for those who complete the Military Mission NFT Charity Fundraiser. This helps PRJKT VET continue its commitment to bringing technology into the veteran community to use and support. Please make sure to get your tickets and pass this information on to any vet you know. You DO NOT have to live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to enjoy this event, just find a ride to the Comerica Center.


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