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  • Rodney Lee

PRJKT VET on Supply Chain Now/Veteran Voices this Veteran’s Day

For our weekly “Heroes Making It Happen” post, we first want to wish a hearty Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps, which was established by the Second Continental Congress on November 10, 1775. The cool shot below comes to us via the USMC Facebook page.

Of course, tomorrow is Veterans Day. Do you have any annual traditions to recognize Veterans each year?

Veterans Day has an interesting history, that really begins with the end of World War I. Learn more about its history in this piece from U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs:

For Veterans Day 2021, we have a special livestream teed up via Supply Chain Now. At 12noon ET, Scott Luton, Marina Rabinek RBLP-T, Jermaine Cohen & Rod Lee, MBA, MSTC (all Veterans) will be discussing a wide variety of things, like Veteran entrepreneurialism, leadership & more. Join us here on LinkedIn & bring your POV:

Original post can be viewed here

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