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Veteran Unemployment Rate Below 3%

  • The veteran unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been since early 2019.

  • The rate is holding steady as of July 2022.

The unemployment rate is less than 3% for veterans from every era since the Vietnam War.

About 2.7% of veterans are unemployed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This is the lowest unemployment rate some generations of veterans have experienced since early 2019.

In early July 2022, the percentage of unemployed veterans had held steady for four months, down from about 5% in July 2021.

More Work to Do

There’s still more work to do. Any veteran searching for a job who can’t find one is one too many.

Right now, about 215,000 veterans have been jobless for 27 weeks or more.

Veterans Make Good Employees

There are many reasons to hire veterans. Veterans understand the importance of teamwork and accountability. Military service means veterans bring experience working in a team environment under pressure.

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Serving in the military gives veterans the ability to learn new skills quickly. Additionally, some veterans bring technology and other specialized skills from their time in the service.

Veterans know what accountability looks like. Military service gives veterans a sense of the importance of following procedures. Veterans know how to run systems efficiently and know their place in an organization.

Supporting Veterans in the Workplace

Supporting veterans at work is an important step in helping veterans adjust to civilian life.

Providing a clear chain of command by having an org chart is one way to help veterans. Prioritizing direct and clear communication is another.

Including opportunities for growth in the workplace is a great way to make veterans feel welcome and help them navigate the transition to civilian life. Hiring military spouses is another way to support military families.

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