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  • Rodney Lee


Tomorrow we kick off our 2nd Annual Veterans Bowl with our good friends at Award Pool. This tournament focuses on improving veterans’ mental health through gaming and there’s no better time to do it than Veteran’s Day through Army/Navy weekend! This will be a NFL Madden 22 tournament played on the PS4 and PS5. We will be asking for donations to help run the tournament and to assist not-for-profit entities like the Cohen Veterans Network and Warriors Research Institute with their missions.

Last year, we debuted the Esports tournament capabilities Award Pool had to showcase and this year will be even bigger! Award Pool has rebranded and transitioned in the NFT space. This is huge for PRJKT VET, as we are huge advocates of everything blockchain and NFTs have been something we’ve wanted to get into since their inception. This will allow us to mint and offer NFTs as prizes via the platform and this year we will be minting PRJKT VET and Veterans Bowl challenge coins like the one you see below.

Just like last year, there will be challenges via the Award Pool widget and you can gain points to earn these NFTs in a number of ways. Make sure you register for the Veterans Bowl and at Award Pool to take full advantage of all the prizes that will be given out and visit this link at Chip-in to donate.

Let’s have another great tournament for a great cause!

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